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Having a safe place to shower as well as wash their clothing is a service critically required by those living on the street. Without such a facility and the resultant poor hygiene, people are further marginalized, less able to find well paid work and access required services. 

Of critical importance to this facility is the availability of a trained social worker and an auxiliary social worker, who are on hand to assist clients with any problems. The social workers’ presence is important as it is often the first intervention to help get individuals off the street and reintegrated into their own communities and reunited with their families. For many, the showers represent their first point of entry to social worker assistance and to prepare the person to move into a first-phase shelter and off the streets.


Services offered:

  • daily ablutions & laundry facilities
  • nutritional meals three times a week
  • social work services via trained social workers
  • weekly primary health care clinic
  • monthly specialized healthcare clinic
  • life skills training
  • facilitating access to vocational training upon demand
  • short term 2nd phase shelter accommodation


Geoff Burton House

Our second-phase residential shelter houses 40 men who have recently got back on their feet. Here, they are housed affordably, safely and comfortably in shared rooms. Independent living requires that the residents are employed and are expected to purchase and prepare their own food as well as perform basic chores around the residence. The accommodation has a long waiting list for people who require such accommodation in the heart of the City – close to transport and the CBD. We hope to secure funding and capital to extend this service in the coming years.