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The nicest thing

Every morning, I come in to work and greet the queue of people waiting for their turn to clean themselves.  Most of them have been waiting in line since about 07h00 for the gates to open.  With the Cape Town water restrictions, our showers, are now bucket washes, and this has been adopted gamely by the people using our services.

It reminds me to be grateful for the things we often take for granted.

The people in line have become used to me, and are much happier to chat with me a bit, because they have seen me regularly and so I’ve begun engaging more with them.   My purpose (and I explain this to them whenever I ask permission to film them for YouTube) is to help you to understand a little more about the people who live on the street.  To help you realise that, apart from circumstance, there are so many similarities in our dreams, desires and even our circumstances in some instances.

If you have any honest (respectful) questions that you’d like me to ask, comment below.

Abdul was sitting in queue for the showers when I invited people to chat with me.  I asked Abdul “What is the best thing anyone has ever done for you”.  I expected him to talk about something in his childhood, or about something his wife had done for him, but the answer I received was unexpected, and really touching.  Watch his short interview here:


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