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Pati, The Scholar

Pati is one of the clients of The Carpenter’s Shop who I met through our Feed5000 Campaign.

Pati has me somewhat in awe academically. He was accepted into the Master’s program at UWC to study Biblical Theology, and wrote his dissertation on the central and peripheral themes and characters of the Bible. He didn’t complete his Masters, but now spends much of his time in the library and at the beach (because, balance!).

Watch his story here:

In an effort to help our existing and potential supporters engage in a controlled way, we’ve been taking little video snippets of life at The Carpenter’s Shop – interviewing the clients of ours who are happy to be on social media, and sharing these videos here and on YouTube.

As I engage more with our clients and residents, I’m learning how few differences there are between us all. At heart, we have the same needs.. it’s just our circumstances (and our means of survival) that vary for the most part.

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