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About Us

The Carpenter’s Shop (TCS), founded in 1981, is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town. With over three decades of experience in developing people’s skills, TCS offers its clients and residents access to a free ablution facilities, regular health and wellness clinic days, social care support, short-term accommodation and  life skills training to help them become financially stable and rejoin mainstream society.


Our Purpose and Values

TCS provides homeless people (most of whom are living on the street) with access to dignity and opportunities for change through a range of services & interventions that include health & wellness, social care, accommodation, skills development & training, while upholding the following  values:

  • We treat all people with respect, understanding and fairness.
  • We serve all people regardless of race, religion, or worldview.
  • We uphold Christian principles.


Our Vision

Hope for the Homeless, through Dignity and Opportunities for Change.   Why? Because homelessness is rife.


What do we do?

We provide homeless adults (most of whom are living on the street) and people at risk of being homeless with access to Dignity and Opportunities for Change through the below range of services & interventions:

  • daily ablutions, toilet & laundry facilities
  • nutritional mealsdirectly and through partnerships with other NPO’s
  • social work services
  • weekly primary health care clinic
  • monthly specialized healthcare clinic
  • vocational and life skills training in partnership with suitably qualified 3rd parties.
  • short term 2nd phase shelter accommodation


These services allow us to impact our clients’ lives through supportive care and health and wellness with the purpose of reintegrating people into society or reunifying them with their families.


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